Norton Health Care

Norton Health Care is a trusted opioid addiction treatment center having branches across New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the USA

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The Results

Norton Health Care is a trusted opioid addiction treatment center having branches across New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the USA and their experienced doctors are saving lives from the chronic opioid cravings with the best treatments.


  • Website development
  • Responsive website
  • User Interface design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Strategy

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The Challenge

Norton Health Care is offering opioid addiction treatments to the people who want to get rid of opioid cravings. Our developers and web optimizer team were bestowed with a responsibility to spread the awareness of opioid addiction and to make people aware of the availability of treatments near them through Norton Health Care. We aimed to design a website that helps patients get their answers with the minimum clicks. Choosing the right category for the website was a challenge and it needed thorough research on the fields and the patients’ requirements. A clean information-centered website with all needed resources for opioid addiction was the demand. Norton Health Care wanted to help every patient through their online presence. The location tracking option was the thing that they gave much importance to. Whenever people visited location page, they got details about the treatment centers of Norton Health Care near them and that needed a comprehensive work on the location tracking.

The Result

We feel very content to have such a project because Norton Health Care aims at making society better. The health care center is saving many lives from option addiction in the USA and is trusted by patients. They become one of the reputed opioid addiction treatment centers where doctors are helping patients get rid of opioid addiction with the best treatment choices. They also get better patients’ engagement online to solve their addiction-related queries.

The Solution

Our website developers and search engine optimization team researched keenly on opioid addiction and patients’ requirements to offer the right solution to them. We analyzed deeply what was lacking in the fields and we mentioned them on the website to help patients rightly. We employed a highly customized design for the location page and inserted multiple tracking options on a single page to offer clean detail to patients who are looking for addiction treatment doctor or the treatment centers. We also worked on the customized design for Norton Health Care and added important features such as an easy online appointment booking option for the website so that patients can get in touch with the doctors easily.