Best Strategies to Improve Website Traffic

Traffic is the main thing for your website. It is true that having high counting visitors to your site is really hard. But, some strategies are definitely there that make this tough task easier. Besides, you need to make a website for your consumers, not for search engines. When consumers find beneficial things on your … Continue reading “Best Strategies to Improve Website Traffic”

Traffic is the main thing for your website. It is true that having high counting visitors to your site is really hard. But, some strategies are definitely there that make this tough task easier. Besides, you need to make a website for your consumers, not for search engines. When consumers find beneficial things on your site, they will love to visit you again and again. Those who want to gain an edge over their competitors, here are some options that improve website traffic.

Advertise your site:

Advertise your website very well with so many available options like social media advertising, display advertising, paid searches, and more. You need to build your brand and make your site visible to others. Set your campaign goal rightly measuring both pros and cons that different channels offer to you.

Be social:

Social media has opportunities to promote your content. Use the benefits that Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are offering to you. Twitter is for the short content that can bring the best engagements to your site. When you want to improve website traffic, you have to be social.

Mix up your strategy:

Rather than sticking to one agenda, try to mix different content marketing options. Post long length content and short informative blog. Videos and infographics are also great for stealing the readers’ attention. Pay attention to all of them.

Great Headlines:

Headlines are always important to catch the reader’s attention. Try to give it an emotional touch or a surprising element. Don’t make it too creative to understand.

Practice On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is surely great because it improves the navigation for your site. Are using the right image ALT texts? Are you implementing an appropriate internal linking strategy? On-page SEO is important and you should practice it with an aim to improving your website.

Use long tail keywords:

Remember that the search engine optimization is changing, especially after the introduction of the voice search option. Using long tail keywords gives your site a better chance to get a good rank on the search engine result page. You can take a help from different tools such as Keyword planner for identifying the best keyword for you.

Invest time in guest blogging:

Guest blogging is really beneficial for your company. It is an important step to improve website traffic. When you publish your blogs on others’ site, you are targeting the third party’s consumers also and encourage them to visit your site through it.

Referral traffic:

When back link is an essential thing for companies, begging for them would not be an ideal option for you. Instead, write compelling content which has values to be linked by others.

LinkedIn for your content:

LinkedIn can bring you the needed attention if you are consistent on this social platform. This site is truly much more than you think. Post your content on it and boosts your view.

Apply Schema Micro data:

Schema data makes the indexing easier because search engines bots easily find your content when you implement the schema micro data.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing can bring a significant amount of traffic to your site when you design it flawlessly. This is really beautiful and you can include your best choices.

There are many factors that really encourage your website traffic. Use search engine optimization and digital marketing plan effectively. Hire the best company that has years of experience in the field. When your business is promoted by the best optimizers, you can feel relaxed for your digital presence. Vxplore Technologies are always thriving in the search engine optimization. With advanced trends and new tools, we are giving you a better place in the digital world.





The e-commerce industry is growing swiftly. There is a change in the mindset of people and they are showing more interest in having a business instead of working for others. The internet creates a global village, and with that, people are getting a chance to show their product to the global audience. As an E-commerce Development Company, we have received so many requests for designing and developing e-commerce sites for many innovative businesses. Our marketing team has gone through a deep research and come up with the plan that helps start-ups set their business well. If you are planning to start an e-commerce business, make sure you cover all of these points.

  1. Understand the market opportunity and place your product:

If you are a new player in the field, you must understand the market opportunity first. There are many ways to do this. Use the advantages the internet gives you. There are some tools that make your task easier.

  • Keyword planner: keyword planner helps you find the right keywords for your business. Keywords are a word or word phrases used by your consumers. Knowing them helps you stay ahead of others. You can use the most effective keyword planner tool and analyzes your keyword for free.
  • Facebook Ads manager: This tool makes you understand your audience for specific products or services.
  • Google Trends: It presents information regarding the trend of using keywords. You can easily analyze how the preferences of customers have changed over times.
  • Industry Reports: Industry reports make you aware of the product demand. This helps you plan your products in the right way.
  • Know About Your Competitors: Having knowledge of competitors’ move enriches your business in many ways. Understand their marketing ideas and then pick the best option for you which are effective yet not ventured before.


  1. Customer service:

A good customer service defines your business flawlessly. Every big name always keeps this point top in their list. Set up a great customer service that allows you to reply quickly to their queries. Before launching your e-commerce business, make sure that you establish a live chat option for your customer in order to help them in a satisfying way.

  1. Logistics issue:

If you want to flourish in the e-commerce business, you have to manage your logistics issue creatively. This is probably the toughest part of your business, and it has to be handled by experts. There are some questions that need to be answered. Where is your warehouse? How to store products? Who will manage the inventory? How will the shipping be done? You need to choose the right shipping career as per your need. Sometimes, the shipping charges exceed the product value. Make a proper plan to handle the problem.

  1. Inventory management and order processing:

The inventory management and order processing are crucial things and they have to be supervised by experts. There are some issues that you have to take care of such as advanced product stocking, product quantities, box sizes, shipping service providers, and the shipping cost.

Before considering anything, you must resolve the issues like free shipping option, cost-effective way of international and local shipping, and more. Some companies even hire an order fulfillment entity to look after the matter in a more accurate way.

  1. Price your product:

Deciding the right price for your product is really a tough option. Keeping the price too low will not bring any benefits for you, whereas a costly price does not attract the buyers. The best way to set the right price is considering the production cost of a product and analyzing competitors’ offers. Fix a price which is lucrative for your business.

If you are new in the e-commerce business, you must consider these factors. At Vxplore Technologies, we value your dreams and come up with such solutions which are unique and effective for you.  As an E-commerce Development Company, we assure you that your presentation of products remains unique and attractive. Step up in the world of e-commerce with us and earn achievements.